The Importance Of Detoxification In Healing

The human body has an inherent ability to detoxify itself. However, because we live in such a toxic world, the amount of toxins we are exposed to exceeds our body’s ability to detoxify them and when this happens over months and years, toxaemia levels and acidity increase in the body causing all sorts of damage and disease. Detoxification programs are designed to minimize exposure to toxins and support the body’s detoxification system so that it can eliminate stored toxins in a gentle and safe manner. The greatest obstacle that prevents the body from healing is stored toxins in the body. When the body is purified and the obstacle of toxicity removed, the body’s natural healing powers will be increased and greater levels of equilibrium and well-being attained.

The Need For Professional Supervision

Contrary to what most people may think, detoxification can actually be very unsafe and in some cases even life-threatening when carried out without professional supervision.
Some of the main dangers and complications of detoxification are:


Many electrolytes/minerals are lost during detoxification (specially from sauna sessions and enemas) and these need to be replaced as soon as possible otherwise, these basic deficiencies will cause new imbalances altogether. Furthermore, the body will not be able to detoxify and heal itself without proper amounts of these essential minerals because they play an essential role in all physiological processes of the human body. Some detoxification programs may require intermittent fasting, and because you’ll be eating less food, it is extremely important to make sure that you’ll be getting proper amounts of nutrients when you do eat. Also, the fact that most of our foods these days are devoid of nutrients makes undersnourishment during fasting & detox a much greater concern. The HTMA analysis is a great tool to use in conjunction with detoxification because you can rebalance any deficiencies that you may have before starting a detox program, thereby making your detox experience more safe and effective.

High-risk Healing Crisis & Re-absorption of Toxins

A healing crisis occurs when toxins stored in the body are released at a faster rate than can be properly eliminated. Not everyones body has the same detoxification capacity and not everyone has the same amount of toxins stored in their bodies. If toxins are released and your bodies detox pathways are blocked or just generally slow (for example, if you are constipated, can’t sweat easily, have weak liver/kidneys, have a stagnated lymphatic system, etc.) these dangerous toxins will circulate in your bloodstream and lymphatic system causing tissue damage and overwhelming your vital organs as well. In some cases this can be life threatening. For this reason, I assess each of my clients individual ability to detox before I choose which detox program is safest for them. Including tools and techniques to improve elimination channels is also of vital importance for an effective and safe detox program.

Parasitic Migration

One of the most common complications during a parasite detox program is when intestinal parasites migrate from out of the intestines. If a patient isn’t regular in their bowel movements (2-3 times daily), if they are somewhat constipated, the anti-parasitic herbs will disturb the parasites/worms causing them to migrate from the small intestine because the way downward is blocked. Though in most cases, parasite migration isn’t dangerous or painful, the sensation of parasites moving around and “making a home” in different parts of your body can be very uncomfortable during the day and cause insomnia during the night. Furthermore, getting rid of them after they’ve migrated becomes a much more difficult and long-lasting undertaking.

An Imbalanced Gut Flora

One of the benefits of natural deep gut detoxification is that excess parasites/worms/yeast will be eliminated. However, in the process, good gut bacteria or flora is also somewhat depleted. This levels the ground between the good and bad bacteria in the gut but because bad bacteria are faster to grow, it’s vitally important to repopulate and inoculate the gut at the right time during the detox with good bacteria utilizing effective techniques and probiotic products. If this important stage is absent in a detox program, the immune system of the patient will be vulnerable (our immune system is a reflection of our gut microbiota) and it’ll be only a matter of time until the opportunistic unhealthy bacteria proliferate and dominate causing a steady decline in health.

“Most people who are experiencing illness are storing more toxins than their bodies and detox organs can safely eliminate.”

A Certified Detoxification Practitioner Will Help You

  • Evaluate your toxic overload (with the help of questionnaires and your HTMA results)
  • Assess your bodies detox capacity;
  • Put together a personalized detox program that is gentle, safe and effective;
  • Indicate supplements that will help support your liver neutralize, transform and eliminate toxins;
  • Identify major toxins in your day-to-day life that you are exposed to;
  • Offer strategies to help you avoid major detox detractors;
  • Provide mental & emotional support during detox (many patients experience simultaneously an “emotional detox”, in other  words, a resurfacing of old toxic emotional trauma);
  • Recipes for detox juices and smoothies;
  • Guidance on sauna, exercise, diet, fasting, enemas, etc;